Weight Loss and Your Health...

If you think you need to lose a little weight for that holiday, that summer dress or maybe ready for Christmas, so you can wear that evening dress and feel fantastic, The Natural Way can help you achieve this. If you are one stone over weight its like carrying 7 bags of sugar around all day. We can help you shed those excess pounds. Don’t just lose it for that special occasion LOSE IT FOR LIFE The Natural Way.

Weight Loss Plans

No two people are the same, so we suggest different eating plans for different individuals. The diet could be low carbohydrate or low cholesterol, medium to high protein or low to medium GI (glycaemic index). For example, if a woman has a hormonal problem like polycystic ovaries, which can make it extremely difficult to lose weight, we can suggest an eating plan specifically tailored to that condition.

Lose weight The Natural Way

  • When you join The Natural Way, you can be sure of a friendly, confidential, and professional service.
  • All consultations are carried out on a one to one basis, with an experienced consultant who’s been there herself, and knows how fantastic, it feels to lose weight and feel great!
  • Your initial consultation will last approximately 45 minutes, your consultant will look at your eating habits, food likes and dislikes, and take a brief medical history.
  • The Natural Way has over 25 different weight loss programmes, so your consultant will be sure to find a programme that suits your individual needs.
  • We have programmes for ladies with polycystic overies and on medication who find it difficult to lose weight.
  • Your appointments will then be on a weekly basis, and will last approximately 15 minutes, where you will be weighed and measured, and have an opportunity to discuss your progress with your consultant.

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