How it all began..

ann Over a decade ago, due to a combination of running her own catering business and taking HRT, Ann Mellor began to pile on the pounds. Following several unsuccessful attempts to diet, Ann visited her local Natural Way weight loss centre and to her delight, lost two-and-a-half stone and 58 inches within just four months.

Ann was so impressed with The Natural Way weight loss she took a franchise and opened her Derby branch in 1994. In 2003 Ann had bought the company which is now known as The Natural Way Weight Loss Centres. Under her directorship the company has proved to be a great success and has moved from strength to strength.

Ann is an experienced weight loss consultant who has provided advice and support for thousands of people enabling them to lose weight and keep it off. She is passionate about The Natural Way for the simple reason that, she says, it works. “It changed me in every way, giving me a new life!”

Ann is a great believer in the feel good factor of losing weight, from her own experience. “There’s no way I could do this job if I didn’t believe in what I do. I’m dedicated to it.”

Many of our clients report dramatic improvements in their particular medical problems since conquering their weight problem - a wonderful benefit - The Natural Way!

Tailored for you - The Natural Way

The Natural Way approach to diet controlled weight loss is as unique as you are. The Natural Way consultants are here to help you shed those unwanted inches and pounds - QUICKLY, EASILY and NATURALLY - and help you keep your new shape forever. The New You!

A Professional Approach to Weight Loss

There are no gimmicks, no drugs to take, no meal replacements - The Natural Way promotes normal nutritious foods, water and natural herbs as part of an easy to follow programme designed to suit YOU and your lifestyle.

The Natural Way - Herbal Products

The Natural Way promotes herbal products as part of your personal weight loss programme. These exclusive products are based on herbs, vitamins and minerals to promote energy and health. The Natural    Way products are carefully prepared to assist your weight loss programme and keep you feeling fit.

A Very Personal Service

our weight problem is treated as a confidential matter between you and your consultant. There are no group meetings where you have to confess all to strangers. Just a one-to-one consultation with a friendly and caring consultant who is there to help YOU.

Here at The Natural Way we try to take every care to make your time with us as comfortable as possible - so just relax and enjoy losing weight The Natural Way!

The Natural Way - we're here to make things happen for you!