The Natural Way Consultants

Here to help

The Natural Way consultants are committed to helping you achieve a slimmer, more attractive figure. Your consultant not only assists you to reach your ideal weight but also aims to help you maintain weight management as a long term goal.

One 2 One Consultation

Unlike many other slimming clubs or organisations The Natural Way offers one-to-one consultations. Clients are not weighed in public – everything is done on a confidential basis between client and consultant. The consultant aims to answer your questions and to direct and support you during your weight loss programme. Whenever possible you will be seen by the same consultant throughout your programme, so she will be very aware of your special needs and progress.

Your First Visit

When visiting The Natural Way for the first time your consultation will be in depth and involves discussing your medical history, lifestyle, how much weight you wish to lose and all your food likes and dislikes. Based on this information a personal weight loss programme will be tailored specifically for the individual.

Your Progress

Clients are invited back each week to The Natural Way centre to review your progress in private. Clients are weighed, measured and given the chance to talk about any issues with their eating plan. Your consultant will be happy to discuss any problems, explain the next week’s menus and supply The Natural Way herbal products. She may also give you handouts on particular problems - please read these carefully to help you to understand the programme.

Taking Care of You

Your consultant is a trained professional and understands the issues related to weight gain and weight loss. She really cares about you and your progress, so if you have any queries during the week, please telephone for help.

Where to find Us.

The Natural Way consultants are located at Northwich, Crewe, Hanley, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Cannock, Stafford, Stone, Tunstall and Derby. New branches are planned in other areas.
Our consultants do not in any way prescribe for or diagnose illness. Anyone with medical problems should seek their doctor’s advice before starting our programme.