How much weight can I expect to lose?

The average weight loss is up to one stone a month, depending on any medication the client may be on.

Is it a group meeting?

No, we differ by having strictly private and personal 1-2-1 consultations, where we can get to know the client. The initial consultation takes approx. 45 minutes where we discuss the persons medical history, food likes and dislikes, their present eating habits and their lifestyle. We discuss how much weight the client would like to lose and set sustainable, achievable targets. We then like to see the client on a weekly basis on a 1-2-1 appointment which lasts approx. 15 minutes where we will weigh and measure the client and discuss the programme and any problems.

Do I have to take meal replacements?

No, all our weight loss programmes are based on everyday foods. We encourage clients to start eating healthy and nutritious foods, BUT not boring.#

Can I still drink alcohol?

We would ideally say no, but we live in a modern world where alcohol is part of our lives. We advise clients to adapt or change their drinking habits and to limit the amount they consume.

Do you use any appetite suppressants or diuretics?

No, all our products are totally natural they are based on a herbal formula, vitamins and minerals. The products are unique to The Natural Way.

Can I mix different programmes?

No, you can change your weight loss programme when you have your weekly meeting with your consultant, but you can't mix them.

What happens once I have achieved my target weight?

We put the client on a maintenance programme and also start to reduce the amounts of The Natural Way products, then ideally we would at first like to see them once a fortnight to see if the maintenance programme is working ok and clients are not dropping back into their old eating habits. Then when the client is comfortable we like to see them once a month to make sure the weight loss is sustained.

How much does it cost?

The initial 45 minute consultation is FREE. If the client decides to go ahead with the programme along with The Natural Way products of which there are 3 ... 2 of which last 1 month, and the other 1 is replaced weekly. For further information please Contact Us

Will your product cure me?

Formulation "A" is sold only as an aid to digestion. All of our products are sold only as part of The Natural Way Weight Loss Programmes. In no way do we wish to state, imply or infer that any product can prevent, diagnose, cure or alleviate any disease, ailment, defect or injury.

Do you post to none UK mainland destinations?

Yes, please contact The Natural Way and we will gladly advise postage costs.